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a huge success at Rio 2016, with Fiji winning their country’s first-ever Olympic medal when taking gold in the men’s event and Australia triumphant in the women’s tournament. Now the world’s best sevens players are looking ahead to Tokyo

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The Inside Line
In training, initiate the skill by receiving a pass from a nine. This way the kicker can shape their hands to catch the ball correctly to kick quickly. The grubber needs to be kicked from low and the ball placed on the foot. Dropping it from height c
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Your Rugby Calendar
The return of the Premiership and Pro14 means there are myriad rugby podcasts to listen to. Rugby Union Weekly and The Ruck will reflect on the latest news, and if you want detailed insight from great players, check out the One Game at a Time archive
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How King’s Kick Strategy Will Spark Gloucester
HAVING COACHED at Gloucester in the early 2000s, I can’t help wondering why this great club has underachieved so much in recent times. Their wonderful fans deserve more success and the appointment of Alex King as attack coach may just spark a style o