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Best foot forward

Taking my seat in the restaurant, I stared down at my tray full of food – a double cheeseburger, single cheeseburger, a large quarter-pounder, large fries, a large milkshake and two apple pies.

Within just half an hour, my tray was completely empty, and I felt both satisfied and ashamed at the same time.

Over the past few years, I’d turned to food for comfort, McDonald’s being my usual go-to meal.

Growing up, I’d always been the chubby one at

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Q I’ve just switched to a vegan diet and it’s upsetting my stomach. Will this stop over time or should I incorporate meat and dairy back into my diet again? Hattie Liverpool A The vegan diet means not eating any animal products or products derive
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Lips in need of some serious TLC? Enjoy pillowysoft pouts by way of ultra-nourishing formulas – the latest lip balms from Catrice and Essence are all you need to pamper your pucker! Available from justmylook.com Pampered lips for the ultimate no
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Having too much fat and sodium, the majority of which we consume as salt, in your diet can increase your risk of having a stroke. In addition, consuming too much salt can lead to high blood pressure which is the single biggest factor for strokes. T