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When it comes to photographing food, few do it as well as Johnny and Charlotte Autry. The pair (he’s behind the camera; she prepares and styles the food) has been responsible for some of the, from the heroic tomato sandwich that appeared on the cover (August/September 2015) to our award-winning wild game feature (October/November 2019) to the dishes in this issue’s “Southern Recipe Revival” story, including the stunning caramel cake on the cover. But not every shoot is a proverbial cakewalk.

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The Pawpaw Pusher
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, I WAS WALKING THE WOODS ALONG the Potomac not two miles from the White House with my foraging mentor, a cranky, gravel-voiced woman named Paula Smith. “It’s a weird tree, okay?” she called over her shoulder as we walked into th
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A New Ranger in Town
Jared Padalecki has been playing the good guy since he was a teen, beginning with his portrayal of flop-haired, square-jawed Dean—every mom’s vision of the perfect boyfriend on the beloved dramedy Gilmore Girls—and continuing to demon hunter and relu
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Southern Focus
“Walking through Mardi Gras World is like seeing a who’s who of the past,” says the New Orleans photographer Chris Granger of the open-to-the-public warehouses at Kern Studios, which has been turning out parade floats—including this grinning Ben Fran