Garden & Gun

Nashville Original

Price at Dee’s lounge in Madison, Tennessee. That’s How Rumors Get Started is her third studio album.

Like most of us during the pandemic, Margo Price has been doing the best she can. At her home just outside of Nashville that she shares with her husband, the singer-songwriter Jeremy Ivey, and two children, music is always present, whether it’s Price blowing off steam by trading her usual guitar to bang on a set of drums, or the family during dinner. When she needs some fresh air, she heads out for a run, usually pushing her one-year-old daughter, Ramona, in the jogging stroller while her ten-year-old son, Judah, rides along on his bike. They live in the countryside, so they see more chickens, goats, and horses than people or cars. Price used to frequent a gym in East Nashville to work out, but now, hunkered down at home, exercising is a family affair. “I’m not gonna lie, some days are really rough,” she admits. “They say it takes a village, but there’s no village right now.”

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