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The Front Porch

If the Southern short story has a birthplace, it’s surely the front porch. Not any specific porch, mind you, but the great multitude of porches fronting mountain cabins, riverside mansions, and country stores alike, all of them fostering, over time, the ideal conditions for storytelling: comfort, unhurriedness, idleness, breezes worth shooting. “Where else in our huge national store of fictional life,” Reynolds Price once asked in an essay, “can we find a comparable crystallization of human feeling in a single feature of house-and-home?”

So where else, then, to settle in with the season’s best new collections of short fiction?

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High On The Hog
IN AT LEAST ONE RESPECT, IT’S A PITY WE AREN’T FRENCH. If we were, few would sneer, or snort, or wrinkle their noses and push back from the table when presented with a serving of rich, cognac-colored daube de sanglier. But place a crock of wild-hog s
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Meet The Chef: Deborah Vantrece
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri What she’d grab if the house was on fire: Autographed menus from a transformational meal at Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago. “Trotter used a lot of products I had grown up with that no one ever used in that manner. I was
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Sea Change
THE REST OF BERMUDA IS ASLEEP, but we are up with the birds and the stars. My guide, Weldon Wade, and I have trekked to the island’s largest wildlife sanctuary to watch the sun rise over Spittal Pond along the Atlantic Ocean. As we fumble our way tow