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Don’t try this at home: After the frame.” You may recognize Maddie: More than a million people follow her adventures with Humphrey on Instagram (@thiswildidea). She has joined him on countless trips—including during his yearlong series, for which he visited all fifty states to capture everyday people—and has served as the muse for two books of his photography.

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Garden & Gun10 min gelesen
The Pawpaw Pusher
TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, I WAS WALKING THE WOODS ALONG the Potomac not two miles from the White House with my foraging mentor, a cranky, gravel-voiced woman named Paula Smith. “It’s a weird tree, okay?” she called over her shoulder as we walked into th
Garden & Gun3 min gelesen
Silver King
See that ripple in the water there, coming at us?” David Mangum is practically whispering in my ear while pointing over my shoulder into the bay, employing his innovative and unusual guiding technique. “That’s a fish, and it will be right here”—he no
Garden & Gun2 min gelesen
Carnival In A Glass
A few years ago, I came across one of those irresistible Web quizzes. This one claimed, “We know if you like black licorice with just one question!” Oh, really? I clicked, of course. The question: “Are you eighty years old?” Licorice doesn’t get enou