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Tennessee Masterpiece

The sounds of a cascading fountain, a trickling lily pad pond, a stucco bell tower. The sights of an elephant-shaped topiary, towering Italian cypresses, and a miniature Roman amphitheater. And as you descend the terraced back garden of Christy and Todd McCain in Chattanooga, a jewel box to spark the rest of the senses: a wrought-iron-and-glass conservatory filled with the scent of lemon and

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The Queen of Cross Creek
In 1928, on close to a whim, a fledgling New York writer named Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings used an inheritance to purchase—sight unseen—a seventy-two-acre farm and run-down orange grove in Cross Creek, in the central Florida backwoods. Floridians and mi
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Duck and Waffles
Learning to cook came naturally for Deborah VanTrece. The owner of Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours in Atlanta with her wife, Lorraine, and daughter, Kursten, she spent childhood afternoons watching her grandmother at the stove. There was the aunt who
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Keepsake Keepers
Though hope chests began as places for women to store their trousseaux, many Southerners now use the trunks to collect all manner of memorabilia, from love letters and childhood toys to heirloom linens and family albums. This Selamat Designs trunk, f