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Preserving Memories

They were an annual treat that made their appearance in a cut crystal dish next to the celery hearts, colossal pimento-stuffed olives, and carrot sticks. They only showed up briefly for Thanksgiving dinner, and I waited patiently to savor their spicy sweetness all year long. I would later learn that watermelon rind pickles represent the best of Southern frugality, taking what would otherwise be

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The Queen of Cross Creek
In 1928, on close to a whim, a fledgling New York writer named Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings used an inheritance to purchase—sight unseen—a seventy-two-acre farm and run-down orange grove in Cross Creek, in the central Florida backwoods. Floridians and mi
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Keepsake Keepers
Though hope chests began as places for women to store their trousseaux, many Southerners now use the trunks to collect all manner of memorabilia, from love letters and childhood toys to heirloom linens and family albums. This Selamat Designs trunk, f
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Bourbon Country's Living History
It’s no secret that Kentucky is home to a rich spirits history (they call it Bourbon Country for a reason, after all). And as the ultimate mecca for bourbon aficionados, Louisville offers an urban bourbon experience like nowhere else in the country.