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Celebrating regional dishes, we always feel a pang of regret. Place an icon like Nashville hot chicken, say, or New Orleans gumbo on a pedestal, and it’s inevitable that its culinary siblings—no less delicious, no less geographically distinct—are missing out on the spotlight. What chance does corned ham have in the whole-hog barbecue mecca of Eastern North Carolina? Or a street vendor’s rice calas sharing the neighborhood with Café Du Monde’s sugary beignets? Here in the South Carolina

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Sibling Revelry
A couple of years ago, my husband and I lost two of our three dogs within months of each other and swore that we needed a lot of time to pass. Zeno, a Bulgarian shepherd, had filled the yard with his large body and deep baritone bark. He was always o
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Garden & Gun
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Cast-Iron Buds
When it comes to brussels sprouts, it was not love at first bite for the Nashville-based pitmaster Pat Martin. “As a kid, I loved vegetables, but I didn’t like okra and I didn’t like brussels,” says the owner of Martin’s Bar-B-Que Joint and Hugh-Baby