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A long-term study of over 200,000 people found that a healthy eating routine is more important than what kind of diet you choose when it comes to avoiding cardiovascular disease. Four healthy

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Extraordinary Old Dogs!
Sprawled out fast asleep in his favourite spot right by the front door, my ancient puppy Tex didn’t even stir as I stepped over him. In his double digits and deaf, somehow Tex can still hear a cheese slice being unwrapped a mile off, though! My boy’s
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Afraid To Ask?
Q My husband and I have always enjoyed a happy sex life. Recently he has found it difficult to get an erection and I know he is upset about it. He refuses point blank to see his GP. Could we buy Viagra online? A I’m afraid he does need to see his G
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Harry Potter Book Owner Makes $109,000!
A rare first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has sold at auction for $135,000. The anonymous vendor told the BBC he was ‘absolutely delighted’ with the $109,000 he pocketed. One of only 500 hardback first editions printed, the boo