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Usually remembered by his pen name Dasan, Jeong Yak-yong was one of the greatest thinkers of the Joseon Dynasty. He passed the state exam to become a high-ranking official at the age of 28 and was a trusted advisor and confidant of King Jeongjo, who asked him to design Hwaseong Fortress. In 1801, Yak-yong was accused of associating with Catholics and was subsequently exiled by his rivals to Gangjin, in the South Jeolla province, for the next 18 years. However, Yak-yong wrote a number of his major

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The successor to the Women’s Royal Air Force (1918 1920), the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force was founded at the outbreak of war in 1939. Its duties during the Battle of Britain primarily involved working as filterers and plotters, turning raw data from