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What exactly is The Ghost Club and what is its mission?

The Ghost Club is essentially a private body of friends and members who are particularly interested in ghosts and the paranormal. It’s a place where sceptics and believers can meet on common ground. We don’t have any collective opinion, but provide a forum and meeting place where people who are interested in the subject

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Getting The Facts Straight
It was often stated at the time of the murders that all five women were prostitutes, and this myth still persists to this day. But there is very little evidence to suggest that three of the women were sex workers at all. In fact, Mary Jane Kelly was
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Uncovering The Five
Polly was born in London in 1845, the daughter of a blacksmith. Her mother died when she was young and she assumed the domestic duties of her family home. She married her husband, William, when she was 18 and they had five children but she left him a
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Hamilton: An American Musical
Certificate: 12+ Director: Thomas Kail Distributor: Disney+ Cast: Lin-Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo Released: Out now Since making its Off-Broadway debut in February 2015, Hamilton has taken the world by storm, winning several awards including 11 To