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Fast-growing Italy-based company Mind The Value has made a name for itself with its consultancy services in support of management, operations, decision-making, and business and systems integration. Here, company president Giuseppe Zagami fills us in on what makes the company tick, and outlines how he envisions the future of management consultancy.

Q Hello, Mr Zagami! Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to talk to us. Could we begin with a few words about your workday? What does a normal day look like for you?

“There are no notmal days in my job; even the most normal day at the end turns out to be totally abnormal”

A Hello, it is a pleasure talking to you. There are no normal days in my job; even the most normal day at the end turns out to be totally abnormal. My day usually starts with a review of the daily agenda, where I always add thoughts and ideas that came to my mind during the previous evening and during the night-time, as I truly believe inspiration is an ongoing process. I always keep abreast of news by reading national and international newspapers after breakfast. My working day at the office starts with the prioritisation of activities. After reading emails and checking priorities with business unit managers, I coordinate activities, giving priority to the tasks that other people depend on. I review with the top management the coordination of their teams and how they have planned the next steps on a project, focusing on what their final

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