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is a research scientist at MIT CISR. Ina studies how large enterprises transform for success in the digital economy. Her current research areas are digital partnering, and

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Saying No To Plastics: An Asian Perspective
Plastic pollution in our ecosystems, especially the oceans, and its adverse effects on the biota has raised serious concerns in recent years. Research studies and surveys have provided us alarming estimates (Van Sebille et al., 2015) and crucial piec
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About the Author
David De Cremer is a Provost’s chair and professor in management and organizations at NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. He is the founder and director of the Center on AI Technology for Humankind at NUS Business school; which is
The European Business Review6 min gelesenLeadership
Leadership In Times Of Crisis
What a difference a few weeks makes. When planning for the new financial year, I doubt anyone in Europe saw this coming or marked it in their contingency scenarios. But arrived it has, and businesses across the board must now quickly deal with the im