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In this paper I shall discuss what I see as some major implications for management practices when it comes to several key trends, which indeed might be seen as representing clear breaks from the past. I shall further briefly examine what might be implications from all of this, particularly when examining recent evolutions of key agents for management change, not only business schools, management consultants or key employees, but also other management practice influencers such as banks or the public sector.

Let me however first examine what I see as these major trends, for then to highlight some of the implications for management practice when it comes to these developments.

A short discussion is necessary at this point. While not empirically valid through large sample testing, all of the issues to be discussed have been successfully tested on my wholly owned investment company (turnover ca. 300M CHF) (Lorange). There seems to be evidence that the trends hereto discussed have a consequence in practice, and that the various new management practices stemming from these are worthwhile. And, while the content of this is probably relevant for all businesses, I am particularly concerned with how these trends might impact family businesses and the portfolios of independent investors.

The brutal Corona virus pandemic of course has an effect on my writing. While I have attempted not to over-stress various impacts from this, I readily admit that the Corona virus context may have led

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