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n mid-July I needed to take a Covid-19 test as part of pre-admission screening fora routine outpatient procedure. While the test itself was about as bizarre and uncomfortable as I had read it would be, seeing the workings of the testing station and the frontline workers

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This Is The World Of 2030
historians are good forecasters. They are good not because they possess some original insight into the future but because they are smart in their choice of time horizon: instead of speculating about life over the next few months, they prefer to predi
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Reforms To Kickstart South Africa In 2021
what came out of the 2020 ashes were success is human capital. Now that the feasibility of working at home has been proven, it will be tough for companies to walk things back to pre-pandemic times. Over 2021, millions of companies will begin reengine
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On Margin
This issue’s isiZulu phrase is abantu abadala. It means “grownups” or “elders”. Even if you are a grownup (umuntu omdala), you still refer to your elders as abantu abadala. The key words are abantu (people) and abadala (who are old). Umuntu omdala is