Your Pregnancy


Whether you’re having a planned caesarean or a vaginal birth, this is what you can expect once you walk into the maternity ward.


If you know that you are having a c-section delivery, your doctor will give you set instructions on what to do at home in the 24 hours before admission.

“Hospital protocols will determine how soon you and your baby can be together for skin-on-skin, bonding and feeding to take place.”

You will be told to stop eating and drinking between 10 and 12 midnight the night before –if you are being done in the first part of the morning. However, if you are due to have your baby in the afternoon of the following day, then you will be allowed to have tea and toast between six and eight in the morning that you are due to have your baby.

Most hospitals will give you a list of what to bring in for yourself as well as for the baby. Some hospitals have ready-to-buy packs of the essential toiletries that you will need for the both of you.

Some moms prefer to

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