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’ve enjoyed Marcus Padley’s rollicking June and July columns very much. The generosity of his advice-giving seems to know no bounds. Far be it from me to accuse him of hubris, but there was precious little in his July column

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Ease The Heartbreak
At the beginning of Covid-19, there were predictions that the number of divorces would spike as couples found being forced to spend more time together would deepen any relationship cracks. To date this hasn’t happened, although solicitor Fiona Reid,
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Say Goodbye To The Duds
Super members are regularly encouraged to check their fund’s performance and ensure their hard-earned savings are being maximised. If it turns out the fund is a dud, the advice is to switch to a better fund. But for 1 million employees that’s not an
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Take The Fees Into Account
While passive ETFs usually have low fees, active ETFs are more expensive. They justify that by pointing out they have teams of researchers to analyse companies and securities as well as the economy. But look carefully at the cost of an active ETF. Fo