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won eight batting titles between 1984 and 1997, hitting .342 in those 14 seasons. Only Ty Cobb, with 11, won more batting titles overall. Gwynn hit .338 over 20 seasons thanks to his all-time bat control and ability to “hit ’em where they

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Organization Reports
● An Orioles prospect makes the shift to left field PAGE 31 ● A young Athletics catcher shows rare power PAGE 33 ● The Blue Jays’ top 2020 pick keeps things simple at the plate PAGE 34 The Orioles expect Ryan Mountcastle to make his major league debu
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Rest Of The Best: Recruiting Classes Nos. 11-25
With the college season and NCAA Tournament canceled this year, BA shifted its focus to the future. Rather than focus on Omaha, national writer Teddy Cahill spread his attention around the country to more extensively gauge the strength of incoming fr
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ONE For All
Major League Baseball envisions guiding, promoting and supporting all levels of baseball in the United States In its dealings with Minor League Baseball’s negotiating committee, Major League Baseball has made clear its desire to take control of the m