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Brian Smith is no stranger to talent. As the head coach of Winder-Barrow High in Winder, Ga., he’s seen his fair share of talented players and teams.

At USA Baseball’s National High School Invitational in 2017, Smith’s club beat the defending champions of the event—a prospect-laden Huntington Beach (Calif.) High team—and later blanked Florida powerhouse American Heritage High to make the semifinals at the prestigious tournament.

Smith has coached plenty of great players. From catcher Beau Hanna—a 12th-round pick of the Red Sox in 2017—to current Yankees prospect Pat Demarco to past first-round picks Travis Demeritte and Max Pentecost, the latter after three years at Kennesaw State.

Smith knows how to spot talent. He’s been around enough professional ballplayers to know what they look like. And he knows he has something just

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