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Another Round

DALE DEGROFF MAY BE best known for running the influential bar at the Rainbow Room (and for popularizing the polarizing term ). But he should be more properly credited with building the foundation for the craft-cocktail revival: excavating the history, prioritizing the use of fresh juices, perfecting the technique, and, especially, inspiring and training the new generation of craftspeople (most notably Audrey Saunders) who went on to transform the national scene. Many more absorbed his wisdom, a unique distillate of mechanics and humanity, by reading his seminal first published in 2002. It’s a testament to how much has changed in the worlds of bartending and booze that DeGroff has seen fit to revise that guide after 18 hardcover printings. (Clarkson Potter; $35) comes out in September with 100 new recipes in a new format that includes recommended brands for every drink. Who better to speak to the future of the bar, a place whose very existence repudiates the

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