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Beyoncé Master Class

BLACK IS KING is out July 31 on Disney+.

IN 2011, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter severed professional ties with her father and former manager, MathewKnowles, who’d had a strong hand in controlling her image. In the nine years since, she has evolved her public presentation frequently and dramatically—more so, probably, than any other figure, culturally or otherwise. And for the most part, she has avoided talking about it, letting the images do the work.

2011: Mother

Beyoncé’s performance here is incandescent and high energy in the ways we’ve come to expect from her. The lasting image arrives at the end of the show: The singing is over, the backup dancers are cast in shadow, and Beyoncé is in the spotlight. She drops her mic, unbuttons her glittering

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