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Why do a lot of people suddenly seem to dislike Ellen DeGeneres? Her past life persona is 15th century Spanish Queen Isabella of Castile,

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A Dream Warned Me About My Daughter’s Dilemma
I was on the trip of a lifetime in New Zealand. I was travelling alone for four months while my daughters were getting on with their lives. Gemma, then 23, was at university finishing a marketing degree, and Melanie, then 19, was in Spain working as
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Did You Know?
The Blue Dog Ghost is said to be the oldest ghost story in the USA. In Port Tobacco, in the 1700s, a man called Charles Howard Sims got drunk and bragged about how much gold he had – and was promptly robbed on his way home. Despite the efforts of his
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February means three things to me! The first is bone-chilling, icy-cold weather – and we’ve got a fascinating feature on the magical meaning of frost on p16. The second is Chinese New Year, which takes place on 12 February. 2021 is an Ox year, and as