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you shoot but are not a member of a fieldsports organisation, does that make you a freeloader? It’s a contentious question. In January 2017, I wrote: “To me, enjoying your shooting without being a member of any organisation is short-sighted and perhaps even selfish. Surely there is an organisation to suit every shooter? And even if you

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All The Gear, No Idea
“All the gear, no idea” is an accusation often aimed at anglers who have more kit than wit. More money than sense. Shiny tackle but dim-bulb knowledge. Believe me, many times I’ve sneered at men who think they can ‘buy’ fish on the bank by flashing t
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Fine Trophy Joins Rare Elite
Despite COVID-19, figures for the Scottish 2020 list are impressive. From more than 260 roe heads presented, 232 were awarded CIC medals — 61 golds, 65 silvers and 106 bronzes. An astounding 19 heads achieved a score in excess of 150 CIC points, the
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To Do This Week
If you are looking forward to the start of the roebuck season, get out now and check high seats for damage. By doing so, you will have plenty of time for repairs and replacements before the buck season starts in April. If the weather dries up a litt