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This ancient martial art is something that goes far beyond the physical plane of existence and is a practice that combines movement, meditation and awareness in its pursuit for spiritual connectedness and grounding in all areas of life. Just

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Meeting the MISTRESS
Jacob and I had been married for over 20 years. Our marriage had been on the rocks for a long time but we’d agreed to stay together until our youngest completed high school. One day, my best friend, Nina, turned to me. ‘I’m so sorry to tell you, Clai
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Teen Mum I Had A Baby At 13!
I’d never seen my mum, Helena, put her shoes on and rush out of the door so fast. She returned quicker than I thought she would, and in her hand was a box from the pharmacy. ‘You have to pee on the stick,’ she said, unwrapping it and handing it to me
that's life4 min gelesen
Ali Bee, 54, Magnetic Island, Qld Watching the credits roll across the screen, I glanced at my husband Tim, 60, and our daughter Izzy, 13. ‘Can you believe we are on TV!’ Izzy squealed in excitement. We weren’t extras or professional actors, we wer