Starr Gate

A By challenging pilots to improve upon each flight, Starr Gate is intended to help you form better flying habits.

B If your aviation friends use the CloudAhoy app to track and score

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Why Pilots Must Demonstrate Risk Management
You can imagine our deep sense of grief when occasionally we’d return to a city on our ground-school circuit and someone would say, “Did you hear about Bill?” “No,” we’d say, “what happened to Bill?” They would then explain the aircraft crash that ha
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Garmin D2 Air
If the term “Swiss Army knife” means nothing to you, imagine a compact, fits-in-your hand tool chest that solves a host of little problems, such as opening a bottle away from the kitchen, tightening a loose screw, cutting some string, sawing a small
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Webinars, Cherry Bombs and Flying Schools
OK, this is a little out of character, but last night, I “joined” (I think that’s the term) an aviation webinar—mostly because it was presented by the son of my friend Barry Schiff but also because the subject was intriguing. Brian Schiff is an inter