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y parents bought the house on Cold Spring Road in 1975, three years before my older sister, Liz, was born. She and I were lucky enough to spend our entire childhoods in that dusky-blue colonial. The house sits on just shy of an acre, but a large portion of the yard is wetland. “Swamp” is the more honest word for it—a big, swampy

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Oatmeal Dinner Rolls
Years ago, I developed a popular recipe for light, fluffy dinner rolls. The key to the recipe’s success? A baking technique commonly called by its Chinese name, tangzhong, thanks to being widely popularized by Taiwanese cook Yvonne Chen in her recipe
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Quick Tips
If a pudding or pastry cream has become lumpy during cooking, Patricia Williams of Houston, Texas, turns to a restaurant trick to smooth things out: She uses an immersion blender to quickly blend the pudding until it’s smooth and then passes the pudd
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How Oats Make Moister Bread That Lasts Longer
Given the high hydration of this dough, one might expect that this dough would be extremely soft and too sticky to handle. Here’s why it isn’t: The recipe contains oats, and before adding them to the other ingredients, we soak them in some of the wat