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Measuring Sets
Cuisine recently received an email from a reader who asked about a discovery they made. They wrote, “I noted that apparently there is no set standard for measuring spoons ... I’m sure the difference in volume could affect a recipe. I wonder who gover
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All About Pears
PEARS ARE A MEMBER OF THE ROSE FAMILY and grow primarily from deciduous trees, a few shrubs, along with a few outlier evergreens from Asia. Pears are native to coastal and temperate regions of Europe, North Africa, and Asia. They’ve been used since p
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In The Now
Wood-fired pizza is typically only available at restaurants, but now you can get that same great flavor at home with the portable Ooni Karu Pizza Oven. Weighing in at just 26.5 lb. this pizza oven is easy to take wherever you want to go. The stainles