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Attributes of a Combat Mindset
Emerson Combat Systems is based around 10 core attributes, which were outlined on the course syllabus: 1. Education: Cultivating your knowledge of self-defense skills, threats, and the environment. 2. Situational Awareness: Tactical awareness of your
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About the Author
Patrick Diedrich, a retired U.S. Army veteran, holds a master’s degree in forestry, a B.S. in computer information systems and has a career background in combat reconnaissance and human resources. He has assisted in the recovery eff orts of several c
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Cannon In B-major
Street Howitzer. Room Broom. Scattergun. Gauge. Twelve Iron. Brixton Typewriter. These are just some of the slang terms for one of the most misunderstood defensive weapons of the 21st century — the self-defense shotgun. For many younger or newer shoo