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Really got a hold on me

According to a recently published survey by Genesys, most people prefer to listen to classical music rather than any other genre while engaged in the frustrating ritual of waiting to speak customer services on the telephone.

In July 2019, Genesys commissioned Vitreous World to conduct online surveys in 13 countries to examine opinions on the increasingly automated customer experience. Part of this research looked into how people

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Land Of Nope And Sorry
Considering our government appears to be running the country on a series of random handbrake turns, it really came as no surprise when the BBC followed suit and pulled an abrupt about-face in the Proms debacle. The issue, should it have escaped your
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DESKTOP DACS £2,400–£4,860 Thrilled To Bits
WHEN BRITAIN’S A&R Cambridge (Arcam) launched the world’s first standalone digital-to-analogue converter, the Delta Black Box, back in 1988, it was seen as something of a curiosity. Fast forward 32 years and, boy, how things have changed. Modern digi
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Move With The Times
On the ‘almost but not quite English’ language of marketing, ‘brand identity’ is a very good thing. The idea that products you produce can be instantly recognised as one of your own is a desirable way of standing out. The hi-fi industry, consciously