Mornings with Jesus


MY PRODUCTIVITY LEVEL WAS SLIPPING. I’d shoved a few too many pieces of paper into the stack “to be filed.” Somewhere in that stack was a list

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Mornings with Jesus2 min gelesen
Thursday, December 17
WHENEVER I VISIT MY MOM, I love it when I can attend Sunday services with her. The minute I walk into the small country church, memories flood my mind. On the last visit, I remembered the time I sang a special duet with the only other girl my age in
Mornings with Jesus2 min gelesen
Saturday, November 28
I AM NOT A PATIENT person, but I know that Jesus is working in me every day. Last night, Jesus showed me a single powerful lesson about how patience and excellence are related. My aunt Shirley, who is my fellow church member and the church secretary,
Mornings with Jesus1 min gelesen
Monday, December 14
THE DOORBELL RANG AT 10:00 a.m. Monday. I’d been busy for four hours already, unpacking boxes after moving over the weekend, and I knew many hours of work lay ahead. The thought of entertaining an unexpected guest held no appeal. My lack of enthusias