220 Triathlon


“Muscles for breathing are like any other and can fatigue more quickly without specific training. So sessions like this

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220 Triathlon4 min gelesen
Essential Kit
Comfort is key for all levels, so consider pads, grippers and material quality. Full-length zippers are also handy for mid-race toilet stops. £130 Performs very well on both the bike and run thanks to top-quality fabrics. Issue 378 2xu.com £179
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Tri Speak
‘A’-RACE The most important race of your season AGE-GROUPER Non-pro triathlete (most of us!) AEROBIC Aerobic exercise involves or improves oxygen consumption by the body ANAEROBIC How much energy your body can produce without using oxygen BILATERAL B
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Rha Trueconnect 2
Released as earbuds for everyday and active use, the TrueConnect 2s boast a host of improvements over their predecessor. Aimed at endurance athletes, the new model claims a longer 44hr battery life, improved durability, and more microphones for noise