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ith every new Tour de France route, race director Christian Prudhomme seeks to mix

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Jargon Buster
You find this figure by dividing the number of chainring teeth by the number of sprocket teeth and multiplying this by the diameter of the rear wheel. The bigger gear – higher gear inches – is harder to turn but faster. This has a threaded end that s
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The Magic Number
One of the great things about gravel bikes is that they’re open to interpretation. The multiple options on the market have been created to suit the different ways people want to experience the versatile world of gritty trails, towpaths and fire-track
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Faster, Leaner, Lighter
£9270 Flyweight Italian superbike The name of this new bike from Italian bike maker Wilier Triestina translates into English as ‘streamlined’ and it’s exactly that. Taking the aero-optimised Cento 10 PRO as inspiration, Wilier has slimmed things down