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66 miles A full day of hills and scenery. Ride along lovely Itchen valley, then to West Meon (cafe) and a climb up Old Winchester Hill to enjoy fine views. Then on to pretty East Meon and a stiff climb to Butser Hill’s panorama. Downhill to Hambledon
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Giro Helios Spherical
£229 Premium helmet for gravel riding The new Helios Spherical is the latest helmet from Giro to include MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System), a slip-plane that vastly reduces rotational forces that can cause serious brain injury in the
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Fruits Of Labour
Recently I was looking over questions about calories that were being asked on Google. Somebody was keen to know how to burn 500 calories in an hour. One answer came from someone at Harvard who said that just 33 minutes on an exercise bike would do th