Cross Stitch Crazy

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ife’s better when you have a brew on hand. Tea drinking and stitching are two of our favourite activities – just

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Cross Stitch Crazy2 min gelesen
Tiffany Windows
Stained glass is such a fantastic medium and you’ll find stitching in this style very uplifting. Seeing the way that real stained glass glows so beautifully inspired designer Ursula to try to capture that same light in cross stitch. This collection o
Cross Stitch Crazy2 min gelesen
Time To Stitch!
Be it savouring the bright sunshine of a glorious spring morning, or just getting away from it all with a relaxing cup of tea, Lesley’s uplifting pattern is a great way to add positivity to your daily routine. Just think – next time you’re rushing ar
Cross Stitch Crazy1 min gelesen
Sweet Dreams
The story of the dreamcatcher begins with the ancient legend of a tribe who believed that these magical webs, woven onto willow hoops, would filter out bad dreams and allow only good thoughts to enter our minds while we sleep. What better way to weav