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It is surprisingly difficult to work out the carbon footprint associated with our diets: it depends as much on where and how the food we buy was grown as what we actually eat. For instance, some beef comes from calves raised

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In Numbers
The cost (£17m approx) of a new space toilet designed by NASA, which is currently being tested on the ISS. It is smaller and lighter than current models, and better suited to female crew. The amount of intense exercise that can help improve the memor
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It’s A Slug’s Game
It looks like a tiny, cartoon sheep, but this is in fact one of more than 4,700 known species of sea slug that creep and occasionally swim through the ocean. Known as the leaf sheep (Costasiella kuroshimae), this sea slug lives around coral reefs, wh
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How To Stay Toasty
… between heat produced and heat lost. When we get cold, we often shiver because shivering generates heat. At the same time, blood flow is diverted away from the extremities, like the fingers and toes, to the torso. This helps protect vital organs, l