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“We all need more than one way to look after ourselves”

n my 40s, I started to experience the mood swings, anxiety and hot flushes of perimenopause, along with painful early onset arthritis. I discovered that I could overcome many of these challenges by getting

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In The Moment2 min gelesen
Creating A Flower Chandelier
This is what we call a blockbuster! If you’re celebrating an important event and want something a bit different and extra-special, then this is the one. It’s a great way to show off some of the best flowers of the season and really play with the stru
In The Moment3 min gelesenArchitecture
Perfect Plants For Your Flower Patch
When I first moved from London to Perch Hill, a small farm in East Sussex, I had a vague dream of giving up my job as a hospital doctor and staying at home to grow cut flowers. From the age of seven or eight, I’d loved picking flowers and then arrang
In The Moment1 min gelesenArchitecture
Cosmos is one of my absolute favourite plants. It gives you the highest square-inch productivity of any cut flower, so for every square foot that you plant, you’ll get more buckets of cut flowers from that square foot than you will with any other pla