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I’ve been thinking about car finance too much recently. And whenever I do, it’s hard not to conclude that the way we buy cars has become dangerously contorted.

Back in the day, my parents used to write cheques for their cars. They weren’t especially fancy, but the fact they could write a cheque for the amount suggests they could

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Art of Rally
Our experience in most rally games is about 60 seconds of frantic sawing at the steering wheel and stabbing at the throttle before unceremoniously slamming the car into a fir tree. Art of Rally somehow manages to take the exact same sport and present
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Chris Bangle ‘Beauties
Price now £2,200 Harris says BMW’s recent designs – new M3/M4 especially – have made some pine for the controversial Chris Bangle era. Did you know he worked at Opel, then Alfa and Fiat? Among his designs was this odd hot hatch. Price now £8,750 Harr
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Ricci’s Garage
This whole barn find thing has puzzled me for years! How does anyone forget about a Lamborghini Miura? A Subaru Forrester in the middle of Gloucester I can get on board with" but you could leave that for a century and it’d still start on the key! Rec