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‘My Great Aunt Died Saving Lives’
HELEN BROOKS is a teaching assistant in Great Dunmow, Essex. Please email us if you are related to George Wright On 25 January 1947 Britain was in the grip of the worst winter on record, and snow was falling amid the fog at Croydon Airport. Airline
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BFI Player Releases Earliest Moving Images Of Europe
Rare historic film of Europe from as early as 1897 has been released on the British Film Institute’s (BFI’s) online player. BFI National Archive has collaborated with Eye Filmmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to produce The Brilliant Biograph, a
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Passion And Patience
I can’t compete with the 51-year ‘engagement’ described by Sue Wicker in her letter (January), but my maternal grandparents Charles Fisher and Minnie Neal only married after two children and 17 years had passed following their first meeting. They did