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e located James leaving his home country in 1881. He was making his way to New. Ancestry () has a vast number of passenger lists; James’ is in the collection ‘New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1813–1963’: .

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Who Do You Think You Are?3 min gelesen
The latest book from regular WDYTYA? Magazine contributor Chris Paton (see page 16) has an ambitious aim: to showcase all of the ways in which family historians can collaborate with others over the internet. And for the most part it succeeds, dividin
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With somewhere in the region of 12.5 million documents to choose from, there are all sorts of strange, unique and valuable items housed in the shelves and strongrooms of the county archive in Norwich. During the early 1800s, the vicar of Middleton, a
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TNA Gives 25 Archives Grants To Aid Recovery From Pandemic
The Covid-19 Archives Fund has awarded 25 UK archives grants of up to £50,000. The fund, which is run by The National Archives, is intended to help archives secure physical and ‘born-digital’ records that are at risk of being dispersed or lost. The b