Slip through the heritage entrance at The Cat’s Meow (right) in Sydney’s Darlinghurst to discover a series of drinking dens inspired by the city s dark and mysterious past. If you’re looking for a place to stretch out with a glass of bubbles there’s the Champagne Room or head next door to The Butcher’s Library for charcuterie among other delights (above) Just don’t expect any bootleg booze; everything from Champagne

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The Comic’s Wildcard
Patient Wolf sounds like a rock band I’d enjoy. Lemon is a natural partner with lamb because the citric acid cuts through the rich fat, so this lemon infused gin is already driving in the right direction. Add lemon peel gently squeezed in the glass w
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May Menus
Cauliflower bake, p 16 ~ Slow-roasted butter eggplant curry, p 84 ~ Sticky coconut caramel pudding, p 120 “Cool weather calls for comfort food, and this warming menu will keep both vegetarians and meat-eaters happy. Plus, there’s nothing better tha
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I Love... Taking It Slow
SO THIS ISSUE of delicious . is all about the joys of slow cooking. The beauty of taking your time in the kitchen doesn’t just involve benefits that come from mindfulness, but the joy of letting things develop, whether it’s the depth of flavour of bo