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eeting up with friends or complete strangers at the local hangout spot and taking your car out for a solid cruise is the absolute staple of this car scene we all love. We’ve been doing

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The Colour Show
All right, so we know Steve has a serious Silvia problem, having owned a small nation’s share of them, so what does that mean for him now? Cars come and go, sure, but what else does Steve have tucked away in the shed? “Weirdly, I nowadays get offered
NZ Performance Car4 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
Big Block H-series Mini Cooper
Like most of you out there, we like nothing more than seeing a tasty engine-converted, scratch-built monster. More often than not, these cars are built as hyped hot rods, with the intention of summer-safe cruising of the famed Whangamata stretch. How
NZ Performance Car2 min gelesenTechnology & Engineering
There’s no denying that the Nissan Silvia is one of the most, if not the most, popular chassis to modify in New Zealand and around the Japanese tuning scene world. Seeing that there are so many unique styles and modifying disciplines out there, how d