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A revered modern saint

Every year on 13 and 14 May, the interdenominational prayer movement Indaba Zosindiso (‘Stories of Salvation’) hosts a festival in the small Eastern Cape town of Tsolo, 42km from Mthatha. The occasion is to commemorate the life of Anglican Saint Elizabeth Paul, and pilgrims from across the country can be seen jostling to enter a

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Farmer's Weekly1 min gelesen
Growing litchis: Part 3
Fertiliser should be applied about one year after transplanting litchi trees, not before. Applications must be very light and broadcast evenly, about 0,2m from the stem to 0,5m outside the drip area of the tree. Avoid placing the fertiliser against t
Farmer's Weekly1 min gelesenInternational Relations
Thaw In EU-US Trade Relations
Trade relations between the EU and the US seem to be thawing, as was evident from the recent telephonic meeting between European commissioner for agriculture and rural development Janusz Wojciechowski and the US secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack,
Farmer's Weekly3 min gelesen
Decline In Upward Price Trend For Beef And Chicken
International beef prices have continued their upward trajectory since mid-2020, supported by tight supplies. In South Africa, prices have also shown a rising trend since August 2020 after experiencing a slump during the first phase of the country’s