The Art of Healing


I used to have wavy dark-brown hair, but now I resemble a cigarette that’s yet to have its ash flicked. While this may in part be down to genetics and ageing, the truth is my hair rapidly lost its colour over one particular year in my mid-thirties – thanks to the unrelenting cumulative pressure of stress, mostly self-inflicted ...

About three years into my career as an art director in advertising, I discovered what it is to be truly stressed. Part of the problem was the full-on nature of the business, but the other was that I’m a perfectionist.

Like a little stress, a little perfectionism isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives us pride in our work, motivates us to do a good job, and highlights our strengths. The problem is when it takes over. I was so constantly disappointed with outcomes that I didn’t trust other people to do

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