The Art of Healing



When I was in the United States, I came across chilli and lime-coated dried mango pieces in a local

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The Art of Healing2 min gelesen
Finding Solice in Spirituality
Google searches for prayer as a share of total searches surged in March 2020, when COVID-19 went global, according to Jeanet Sinding Bentzen, an Asssociate Professor of Economics at the University of Copenhagen. “The results can be understood as reli
The Art of Healing2 min gelesen
Extraordinary Ocean Creatures Use Mucus to Help Remove Carbon and Microplastics
One of those animals is the giant larvaceans, which inhabit seas around the world. As reported by the Los Angeles Times reported, an enormous balloon of mucus about three feet wide often surrounds these squishy tadpole-like animals, and researchers h
The Art of Healing3 min gelesenBiology
Ginkgo Biloba Benefits Brain Health and Kidney Function
Even skeptics have been swayed by Ginkgo’s ability to support the brain, kidneys, and other body systems. Curt W., an art director from North Carolina, started taking Ginkgo after reading an article about its potential to promote concentration. “I’m