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Finding Enchantment In Imperfectness Can Heal Us All
There’s a poem by Mary Oliver called “The Swan” that changed my life the first time I read it. It made me evaluate what I thought being beautiful meant—how I had been groomed by the media to believe it was skin-deep—and how I had trained myself to th
Yoga Journal2 min gelesen
Letter From The Editor
I started at Yoga Journal the same week in March that pandemic-induced lockdowns spread across the country. I was overwhelmed by the stress of starting a new job while navigating e-learning with my then second- and fourth-grade daughters and worrying
Yoga Journal2 min gelesen
Ardya Matsyendrasana Variations
While seated, place a bolster lengthwise on your yoga mat. Shift your right hip to touch the short edge of the prop. Drape your torso on the bolster, belly side down. Rest your arms on either side of the prop. Keep your knees bent. Turn your head to