A Dream Come True

People came out in the millions simply to vote. They walked with canes. They carried babies on their backs;

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Me, Oh-maya!
The Maya are groups of people who live in parts of Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala. Their ancestors created a great society. At its peak, from 600-900 C.E., the Maya civilization was more advanced than its neighbors in the Americas. The Maya people w
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At A Glance
Area: 108,889 square kilometers Population: 17,153,288* Capital: Guatemala City Area: 22,970 square kilometers Population: 399,600* Capital: Belmopan Area: 20,720 square kilometers Population: 6.5 million* Capital: San Salvador Area: 112,
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Art Connection
Feeling a little nervous about starting a new year? Maybe you need a worry doll to help calm your jitters. The legend about worry dolls comes from Guatemala. Long ago, a young girl named Maria secretly decided to help her poor family by making small