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Taxing times

the many industries hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, aviation has taken a particularly big knock. At the height of lockdown in April, flights were down by 94 per cent across the world compared with April 2019. Thousands of airline jobs have been lost, huge bailouts have been granted by governments and low demand will persist for some time as travel restrictions and social distancing combine with passengers’ reluctance to board planes and get

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A Novel Time
What a challenge it was adapting to lockdown, not least in terms of education. My children are grown up so they didn’t need any help, but I found myself on a steep learning curve because the new world order of shared duties means education starts at
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Is It Time To Move Office?
The prime minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovic, has revealed plans to introduce a Digital Nomad Visa in 2021. Following a meeting with Dutch entrepreneur and Split resident Jan de Jong in August, Plenkovic announced on Twitter that he would call for
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Ask The Pilot
What are the most irritating things about passengers? There are two issues I would highlight here. First and foremost are passengers who, having checked in for a flight with luggage and passed through security in a timely manner, manage to arrive at