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British soldiers carry a decoy inflatable tank during a training exercise on Salisbury Plain. Decoy tanks like these were used in World War II, for

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King Arthur: Truth And Legend
So many questions are prompted by the legend of King Arthur, questions that have gnawed away at curious academics for centuries. When did he reign as king of the Britons? Did he really pull a sword from a stone? Did his loyal lieutenants sit around a
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Cracking The Code
As well as working as nurses, in factories and on farms, there was a more secretive side to some women’s wartime experiences. GCHQ, then known as the Government Code and Cypher School, employed many women as codebreakers in its headquarters at Bletch
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Animals At War
Household pets were another casualty of the war. With no food rations issued for cats or dogs, a government pamphlet was published in the summer of 1939 advising pet owners to take their pets to the safety of the countryside or have them destroyed. A