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Green hummus


;OPZ›PZ›H›]LY`›KPќLYLU[› O\TT\Z›ÅH]V\Y›^PZL›MYVT› the traditional variety. I really love the vibrant colour but the punchy combination of herbs also gives it a unique flavour that pairs well with crudités, lettuce leaves and pitta bread. It’s also perfect as a filling for sandwiches and wraps. Mostly, though, I like to dip raw carrots into it, as the sweetness works really well, but then again, for a girl like me, hummus can always be eaten on its own by the heaped spoonful.

chickpeas 2 x 400g tins, drained and three-quarters of the brine of 1 tin reserved
lemon1/2, juiced, plus more to taste
garlic 2 cloves
flat-leaf parsley a small bunch
coriander a small bunch
tarragon ½ a small bunch, leaves picked
tahini 2 tbsp
sea salt flakes ½ tsp
pitta bread to serve
nigella seeds 1 tsp to garnish
olive oil

• Put the first eight ingredients into a blender with plenty of freshly ground black pepper (if using a food processor you will need to mince the garlic and roughly chop the herbs first)

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